If you are a writer, I would love to be your illustrator. Here are a few books I have been commissioned to do some or all of the illustrations for.

“Why Some Animals Shouldn’t Live in the House” by Tony and Christina Hawkins. The title says it all. In this book I used marker and watercolor.

“How Do You Get To Heaven?” by Sherry L. Sternthal. I used Pencil and watercolor for this lovely book about a little girls struggle with losing her mother.

“Phillip A. Pen and Pals” by Dr. Donald Stoltz. For this project I worked in in and Martin’s Dyes and created the cast of characters including Phillip A. Pen, Mark Marker, Indigo Ink, Cherry Crayon, Ann Erasor, Chic Chalk, Rob R. Band, Sticky Glue, Piper Clip, and Ralph Ruler, all of whom come to life late at night to help a little boy learn to like to read.

“Wyatt Earp And the Horse That Burped” by Keven Kronk. This project was also done in Martin’s Dyes and ink. I created the cast of characters clockwise left to right: the School Marm the Butcher, the Prince, the Undertaker, Wyatt Earp, the Outlaw, the Horse that Burped, the Baker, the Nun, the Rabbi with the pet rabbit, and the blacksmith.

“Oprah-Tell Us About That Duckling” by Miriam K. Blum. This is one of several books I illustrated for Miss Blum. In this book Oprah councils the Ugly Duckling and gives her a makeover. This book was done in pencil and pastel.
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